Grace Full Living Workshops & Classes

Applied Kinesiology for Everyday Use

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Applied Kinesiology for Everyday Use Workshops originated from my clients’ desires to understand how to muscle test themselves and their family members for everyday needs. This workshop is designed to empower you with knowledge on the practice of muscle testing for everyday use:  what it is, how it works, and how to do it. Practice time and handouts are included.

Emotional Release Techniques Workshops

Emotional Release Techniques Workshops give you hands-on experience in releasing trapped emotions by using two different techniques outlined in two books, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Dr. Carolyn Mein, D.C., and The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C., both chiropractors that discovered emotions blocked their patients’ health progress. Emotions are an unseen energy that can become trapped in the body from trauma, abuse, or injury or reportedly can be inherited from our ancestors through our DNA, and thereby cause disturbances and blockages.

Young Living Classes

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Experience Young Living products by sampling our essential oils, our superfood NingXia Red, and other nutritional supplements, and get updates on our newest products. Learn how to thrive in chemical free living by detoxing your home and body with nature's gifts.


Lifevantage products
Learn the benefits of biohacking your body with LifeVantage's Nutrigenomic products that support the body's natural cellular function by targeting the main biochemical effects of aging, issues like oxidative stress and natural mitochondrial deterioration.